Technical Data

Styrothane 5321FR
A fast curing, 100% solids, aromatic urethane coating. Specifically designed as a hard coat to proved high impact damage resistance for expanded polystyrene (EPS), Styrofoam and PUF. Click here to download specification sheet (.pdf)

Property Units ASTM Test
Density ASTM D1353 100%
Thermal Conductivity @ 40° F ASTM D497 30° F to 180°F
(k Factor) @ 75° F ASTM D638 3350 PSI
Thermal Resistance @ 40° F ASTM D638 8.00%
(R Value) @ 75° F ASTM 790 6600
Strength Properties
Gardner Impact ASTM D3029 – 77F 120 in/lb
Heat Deflection @ 66psi ASTM D648 85° F
Comprehensive Strength @10% DEFL ASTM D695 4500psi
UV Resistance Protect with an approved coating
Surface Burning Characteristic ASTM E84-9a
Smoke Index 450